Magni 599 Coating System

Building Hardware/Decking Coating System, Colors

Building Hardware/Decking Coating System, Colors

Magni 599 is a duplex fastener coating system that combines a plated zinc and chromate substrate with a durable Magni organic topcoat. Magni 599 provides superior product performance in fewer layers than comparable finishes. Fewer processing steps results in improved quality and reduced costs.

Magni 599 is designed for use on fasteners, deck screws and other building hardware. Magni 599 is suitable for use in treated lumber.

Magni’s offers over a dozen basic colors; we can customize colors to meet customer requirements. Magni 599 is most commonly used via the dip/spin method.

MAGNI 599 Performance Data:
Salt Spray ASTM B117 1000 Hours

Coating Thickness 10-12 microns
Topcoat over 8 microns min. zinc/chromate

DIN50018-1.0 30 cycles
DIN50018-2.0 15 cycles



Building Hardware/Decking Coating System, Colors pdf Magni 569Magni 599

    • Magni 599, is used by non-automotive manufacturers in the building and decking industies. Magni 599 and Magni 569 are desirable coatings for visible fasteners, as Magni can customize to match any color. There are a dozen basic 599 colors available in the grays and golds to reds and greens.
      colors< See our Color Chart
    • Exceptional corrosion resistance
    • Cost-competitive
    • Fewer processing steps
    • Suitable for treated lumber
    • Ideal for visible building hardware
    • Multiple colors available
    • Customized colors available
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